Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Next Phase of Life

Firstly, let me explain myself on my disappearance for close to two months. I was all too tied up with family affairs. And by that means I was keeping myself busy with the arrival of baby Xavier. Yes, that's my sweet little baby nephew. I have been helping out in running errands for the family and always be on the standby for any assistance needed. And when I found myself some free time, I fully utilize it to hit the gym and sweat off some calories that I have massively consumed during the celebration of Chinese New Year and even way before that. Returning to the gym makes me feel so much comfortable and somehow it helps to enlighten my mood every time. And when I still have some free time or when I am not hitting the gym, I would visit my friends or arrange some catch up sessions with them. As I treasure good friendships really well, I want to be able to get updated with their latest happenings in life, be it good or bad. At least, they would know that I am always there for them even if I could not meet them as regular as I used to.  =]

Secondly, I have successfully completed my studies and that I will be graduating next month! =]

All my worries are now gone. And I am all happy and excited, anticipating the convocation which will be held next month. I am even making plans for the photography session and the family portraits that I have been dreaming of all these years. It is finally a dream come true. And I am really glad that I did not let my parents down. I am very grateful for all their supports, both financially and mentally throughout all these years. Especially my mummy dearest who have not only encouraged me and comforted me when I was faced with difficulties, but also patiently listens to all my whining and complaints about anything and everything. I can't thank her enough for everything she has ever done for me. =]

Thirdly, I have finally made a firm decision on what is really best for me. And I find it working perfectly fine after close to a month. I find myself even happier now and that I have so much freedom to do whatever that makes me really happy. I have all the time in the world to improve myself in every ways. I have the chance to learn to be even much more independent every single day. I came to know how great it is to be loved by family and friends and how much joy I felt by spending time with them. But most importantly, I am truly happy for I have now learnt to love myself much better than I did before. Like what most people have told me, one must know how to love herself or himself before loving others. And now I know that there are indeed so much in life that have yet to be offered. Now is the perfect moment for me to discover all the exciting great experiences in life, with a balanced, healthy and positive mindset that I am living with, every single day.

So, after two months of resting from studies and work, perhaps it is time for job hunting and get ready to proceed to the next phase of my life. Although I must admit that the uncertainties may somehow create fear within me, but I am sure that there will be many great and valuable experiences awaiting in the future ahead. I am anxious for the learnings that are yet to come. =]

Friday, February 8, 2013

Happiness Project

The stress has finally over. Last paper for my finals has completed. This marks the end of my uni life *fingers crossed*. The worry continues, for I have not known my results yet. For the mean time, just got to keep calm and enjoy the Chinese New Year celebration with dearest family and friends. Its going to be a memorable and exciting CNY for sure. We will be welcoming our little guy, my baby nephew in a week's time! I am now one generation older. Moreover, I have already gotten my biggest angpao for this year too! A great start of the snake year for me indeed. =]

And well, everything seems to be great now. Many things have changed. For the better of course. =]

It is true that when you start doing things differently, you will achieve different results. To date, my happiness project is working perfectly. At the start, I thought its just another silly thing I have created to get myself feeling better in a way. But as time goes by, I do feel the changes in me. It is not something that can be achieved in a day or two. Changes takes time, especially when it involves switching the mindset. Not to forget, it works alongside with determination too. Everything that bothers me or tears me down, I am taking it as a challenge for me to accept and start looking it from another perspective. In another words, turning all the negatives into positives. Its just the half cup empty and half cup full philosophy. Day by day, I am really getting better at it. =]

For instance, instead of asking 'Why me?', I asked myself the question 'What can I do?'. Sometimes, it really is about asking the right question. And I tend to avoid the phrase 'What if'. Afterall, if things had happened, what's the use of asking 'what if', it wouldn't bring any changes as you can't turn back time. Instead, find solutions to make things better. And if things have yet to happened, then why wasting time asking 'what if'? Make up your mind, and just go for it. Nobody is perfect. People make mistakes. Not always people can get things right at the first attempt. It is the law of nature and that is how we learn and grow and be wiser.

And for I am now able to see and handle things differently and positively, I start to appreciate life and everything that revolves around me. And I do hope that I could make little contributions and create meaningful impacts on others as long as I live. Thus, I am now looking at volunteering for a good cause. I shall see what I can do. =]

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hello 2013!

Thesis is finally done! I did the impossible and proved my supervisor wrong. I do take full responsibility of my procrastination, which resulted in a very last minute work. Although I might have been busy juggling with jobs, assignments, exams and the uncountable trips to the hospital in the previous months, I still took my one month of work-free time to do nothing. Not until I sensed the pressure in the last week of submission. I have felt so much regret in me for not utilizing all those time I had into getting my work done. This resulted in sleepless nights, overloaded stress, skin breakouts, dark eye circles, weight gain for not having time to work out and lots of Starbucks Frappe intake in close to 2 weeks. These are nothing but negative effects.

And what did I proved my supervisor you may asked? Well, I managed to complete it in 3 weeks times. Yea, I did lots of journal readings in 2 weeks and only started typing, gathering data and analyzing everything in the last week. My supervisor thinks that its pretty impossible for me to rush it through. And seriously, I really am not at all proud of myself for being able to complete a last minute work. I complete it, for the sake of completing it in order to graduate. I have no idea if what i did was right. I seek high and low for help and assistance from my dear friends in which I am very thankful and grateful for their kindness to offer me guidance along the way. Some, have even supported me mentally by showing their concern the entire time of completion. Thank you very much. =]

I do love my topic. But unfortunately, its not a work that I would even think its good to be submitted at the first place. The thing I'm trying to point here is that, nothing is impossible. You can achieve what you want if you really work hard on it and give your one hundred percent. However, the quality of the result relies on the time and effort which you have invested. And the lesson I have learnt here is to never ever wait till the very last minute. What is the point if I could complete everything but I am not even satisfied with it? There is no meaning to it anymore. A lesson which I have learnt, and never will I repeat the same mistake again.

I am going to take this chance to thank everyone who have helped me to complete my research in these few weeks. Those who have spared their time to answer my questionnaires, those who took the trouble to share it with their friends and those who have taught me how to do and what to do, those who have contributed their ideas. Thank you very much and I would have never been able to complete this research without you people. =]

So now both thesis is submitted and presentation is done today, I do hope that I will be able to pass and graduate in time. That is all I'm asking for.

With that said, I am now moving on to the preparation of my final subject's examination which will be on the 5th February. Its just another 2 weeks to go and I shall not repeat the same mistake again. Once its done, I will then be able to anticipate the celebration of Chinese New Year with family and friends, before the birth of my little nephew. Yes, there will be a new addition to the Chan's family! I can't wait to see this beautiful baby boy! =p

Apart from focusing on the finals, its time to live up and restructure my lifestyle to achieve my resolutions made for this year. More of health-focused, family-oriented and productive year for me! Starting off with working out again, and more readings that will expand my knowledge in various fields. Its going to be a great year! =]

Helloooo 2013! =D